If you’re a big Dolan Twins fan like us over here at J-14, you might want to brace yourselves because we have the most exciting news ever. Ethan and Grayson Dolan just released their very own perfumes! Yep, get ready to smell like your favorite YouTubers because the highly anticipated fragrances are finally here.

So the guys teamed up with a brand new beauty brand called Wakeheart. They each dropped their own scent, based on their likes and personalities. The fragrances are unisex and are $49. You can purchase them here.

“My signature scent encapsulates all of my favorite scents. It blends a combination of sweet and fresh scents from around the world,” Ethan said about his. “I believe fragrances are highly personal — the fragrance I created reminds me of everything I love. Through the combination of creamy, fresh, rich, and pure smells, my fragrance triggers memories from great times in my life.”

“I’ve always found importance in keeping yourself clean. Whether that be physically, dietarily, mentally, or just keeping your aura pure and true to you, I believe that a clean lifestyle can generate a confident attitude,” Grayson shared about his signature scent. “When I designed my fragrance, I thought of all the different smells and scents that surround a clean and refreshed vibe. Through months of amelioration we were able to create what I would now consider my favorite scent. I hope you enjoy it.”

According to the site, Grayson’s is described as, “a crisp, refreshing fragrance with subtle hints of cool rain and lychee” which “radiates purity and tenacity.” While his brother’s, on the other hand, is “a sweet, inviting fragrance with facets of coffee blossom, silky almond and toasted vanilla. Rich with comfort and affection.”

The influencers first shared the exciting news via Twitter on Wednesday, July 10.

“Over the past year, Gray and I have been working on creating fragrances to share with you all… and they’re finally here!” Ethan, 19, wrote. “We partnered with WakeHeart to create our signature scents for you to wear. We are beyond excited for you to enjoy them.”

“I MADE A SIGNATURE FRAGRANCE FOR ALL OF YOU! ETHAN DID TOO!” Grayson gushed. “We’ve been working on these for a year now with an amazing company called WakeHeart and can’t wait to share them with you.”

“From a young age we have always loved fragrances and the memories and experiences they remind us of,” the twins told Tubefilter. “We had the idea last year to launch a fragrance for our fans who have been on this journey with us since the beginning. We really felt that our mission aligned with Wakeheart — to promote self-confidence and encourage positivity.”

This is seriously the best news ever.

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