Wait, does Emma Chamberlain have a new boyfriend? That seems to be the question on everyone’s minds lately. Why? Well, the YouTuber has been spotted on a series of romantic dates with TikTok star Aaron Hull, and fans are starting to suspect that they’re more than friends.

Unfortunately, until these two confirm anything, it’s all just speculation — but J-14 decided to investigate, and there’s certainly a lot of evidence that they’re a couple! Not only have they been spending a lot of time together, but they’ve also been sharing each other’s clothes, flirting all over social media, going on romantic trips together and get this — Aaron has even hung out with Emma’s family! Yeah, it definitely seems like things are heating up between the social media stars.

Whether they’re just friends or boyfriend and girlfriend, J-14 went ahead and broke down their entire relationship from start to finish. Scroll through our gallery for a complete guide to Emma and Aaron’s rumored romance.

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