You know Emma Chamberlain best by being a flat-out hilarious YouTuber, having a fire Instagram game, and even for having some pretty dope friends *cough, cough, the Dolan Twins and James Charles.* But how did she become the YouTuber we all know and love? Here’s a breakdown of her story, how she got her start, and just all things Emma – because it truly is quite a success story.

How did Emma get started on YouTube?

In October of 2017, when Emma was a junior in high school, she took to YouTube to share her story on why she started making videos in the first place. Turns out, it all derived from the fact that she was having a seriously tough time in school – specifically, when she was a second-semester sophomore.

“I would sit in class, and I would just cry. Like I don’t even know why. It wasn’t my school’s fault. It wasn’t anyone’s fault. I just didn’t like the environment. I totally had too much on my plate. At this point I wasn’t even doing YouTube yet, mind you. This was when I was literally just in school, like that was my only kind of thing that I was doing in my life. Towards the end of the year, I became severely depressed. I couldn’t go to school. I couldn’t hang out with my friends. I completely cut off all my friends. I didn’t hang out on the weekends. I didn’t do anything,” Emma explained.

What Emma was hoping would help her get out of her depression was getting her driver’s license, as she felt it would be an escape from what she was going through. However, the day before the last day of sophomore year, she took the test and failed. She was so upset, that she and her father sat down and discussed what she could do to get her out of this dark place. Her dad helped her film her very first YouTube video to cheer her up, and the rest is history.

“Over the summer, I was posting almost every day for a while there. I was vlogging on my vacations. I mean, I was hardcore on that YouTube grind, like you best believe. I loved it. It was so great, fully pulled me out of my depression, one hundred percent,” Emma shared. “It kind of gave me this feeling of hope that depression wasn’t ruling my life. I had something else that was making me happy, and that was YouTube. And it still is, to this day, continues to do that for me – and I’m eternally grateful.”

When Emma returned back to school for her junior year, she began to fall back into her depressed state – and that ultimately led her to quit school and focus on YouTube full-time.

What is Emma Chamberlain’s sub count?

While Emma didn’t worry about her subscribers or view counts in the beginning, from June 13, 2016 (the day she started her YouTube channel) to November of 2018 though, she racked up 5 million subscribers. Pretty legendary, if you ask us.

How old is Emma Chamberlain?

The 17-year-old YouTuber was born on May 22, 2001 – making her a Gemini!

Who is Emma Chamberlain dating?

Emma started out as a fan of the Dolan Twins, but she got really close with them when she started working with the brothers and James Charles on YouTube videos. The four friends call themselves the Sister Squad, and they’re basically the friend group everyone wishes they were in. However, there are widely-believed rumors and Emma and Ethan are totally an item.

“I was a huge Dolan stan, you know? It’s not that I grew out of it. I just realized that they’re too hot for me. And then at that point, they became unattainable,” Emma once joked in an interview.

Whether they’re friends or more than friends, their relationship is the cutest.

YouTube, Dolan Twins

We can see why Emma has such a huge following – she’s seriously the coolest.

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