The original influencer! Emma Chamberlain has been redefining Gen Z’s style since posting her first YouTube video in 2017.

Known for her unique video editing style, dry humor and wit, the California native had a quick rise to fame after one of her YouTube videos went viral. Since then, she’s traded in her iconic fuzzy teddy coats for high-fashion looks, thanks to a relationship with Louis Vuitton.

“My personal style is all over the place in a weirdly organized matter,” Emma told Fashionista in August 2018. “I think my style is mixing modern trends with retro trends and making them fit in a way that isn’t what you expect at all times. I will try things that nobody’s tried before and see if it works. Sometimes it doesn’t, sometimes it does. Sometimes it doesn’t work and I wear it anyway. But at the end of the day, I like to mix everything and just see what fits.”

Years later, and her fashion philosophy still holds true. Emma’s Instagram posts are full of graphic tees paired with pink cheetah print pants, a combination only the most confident fashionista could pull off. The Chamberlain Coffee founder famously frequents L.A. thrift shops and vintage stores to find her looks.


“I realized [fashion is] something that’s really fun and makes me feel good about myself. It’s a good hobby in a weird way, something to put my mind toward,” Emma also said during her Fashionista interview. “It aids everything else, too. If you are into fashion and clothes, then your Instagram will be better and people will have more to enjoy and take inspiration from.”

Although the internet star’s personal style has evolved a lot over the years, she told Refinery29 in February 2021 that “this has been the biggest year of style development for me ever.”

Emma explained that during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic she “ended up having a lot more fun putting together outfits for Instagram,” which helped her find and learn about her “own personal style.”

“These days, there’s nowhere to go when you’re dressed up. So I’ve definitely been dressing up on Instagram,” Emma told the website, joking that her closet is “out of control” with all of her online shopping.

The YouTube sensation added, “I will buy anything that speaks to me no matter where it’s from, I don’t care.”

Click through our gallery to see Emma’s fashion evolution over the years. 

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