Sorry, guys, but it looks like Emma Chamberlain doesn’t have a full on TikTok house in the works, but she would be down for a mini-vacation with some content! During a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, the social media sensation spilled some tea on her upcoming VidCon panel alongside her dad, Michael — who has his own YouTube channel — and the possibility of starting a TikTok house or reality show with her parents.

“I don’t think we do anything that interesting, to be honest,” she explained. “I really wish I did crazy stuff but I feel like we’re such a simple, well we’re not a simple family, but we’re definitely — we’re pretty chill. We’re a pretty chill family.”

As for the TikTok house they could start together, Emma said she doesn’t know if her and her dad could live with that many other people.

“Me and him, we’re very independent. We don’t like people in our space,” the 19-year-old dished. “I think my dad and I would both lose our minds if we had other people living in our space, so I don’t know how the whole TikTok house thing would work. Although the idea of it sounds amazing.”

Naturally, Emma offered an alternate possibility, which included a content-filled trip instead of an influencer house.

“Maybe like a one week, little vacay somewhere fun. A little Hawaii moment where we can rent some instruments and cameras and we can all make something,” she proposed. “On a day-to-day basis I think my dad and I would freak out.”

Okay, so there’s not a Emma Chamberlain-themed house that’s going to be churning out TikTok content anytime soon, but we’re still here for her to collaborate with any already existing influencer group. Hype House members are you listening? We’d love a video with Emma ASAP!

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