For those obsessed with the app TikTok, you’ve probably heard of the new group of influencers called Hype House, who are taking the internet by storm lately. Yep, 19 huge social media stars came together to form the epic squad, and they’re all anyone fans can talk about these days.

As fans know, this isn’t the first time a group of vloggers teamed up to create some content together. Back in 2016, Jake Paul‘s Team 10 constantly made headlines for their controversial videos and drama. David Dobrik‘s Vlog Squad is still recording hilarious videos together, and James CharlesSister Squad was pretty epic before they went their separate ways!

How did it start, you ask? According to Daisy Keech explained to Insider that she and Thomas Petrou started the group together after they met at the Team 10 house and became close friends.

“Thomas always had this dream of having a team of his own, kind of like Team 10, but a little bit different,” she recalled. “And he was asking for help on how he should do it, and me and him just kind of started from there. And then we met Chase [Hudson]. Well, I guess Thomas met Chase, and then brought all of us together.”

So how can you join the group? Well, some of the members dished to Entertainment Tonight recently on what exactly they look for when they’re adding new TikTokers to the squad!

“We are looking for the right fit. Honestly for us, we want anyone that fits with everybody. If we all get along, and they connect with us as a whole then that’s when we decide over the course of a month and a half,” Chase explained, with Addison Rae adding, “I feel like there’s no criteria besides being a hard worker and being someone that’s willing to work and get where we all are. I guess staying motivated and not getting distracted.”

But wait, who exactly makes up Hype House? What are the members most famous for? And have they had any feuds or scandals? It turns out, while most of them are most known for their TikTok videos, some of them also have pretty big YouTube channels, have pursued careers in music and have even modeled for some major brands in the past!

J-14 went ahead and broke down all the members of the group, so here’s everything you need to know about them… Scroll through our gallery to meet Hype House — TikTok’s most popular squad.

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