Have you watched Prom Dates yet? The Hulu movie premiered on Friday, May 3, and includes HSMTMTS actress Julia LesterGinny & Georgia‘s Antonia Gentry as well as newcomers Kenny Ridwan and Jordan Buhat — who sat down with J-14 for an exclusive interview! Keep reading to see what they said about *that* bananas promposal scene, working with comedy legends and more.

ICYMI, the prom-com follows Julia and Antonia’s characters Hannah and Jess, respectively, high school students who have a years-old pact to have the best prom ever. However, the night before the prom Hannah breaks up with boyfriend Greg (played by Kenny) after coming out as a lesbian, while Jess dumps her own boyfriend Luca (Jordan) after she catches him cheating on her.

Both Kenny and Jordan had an opposite prom experience than their characters  — in fact, Jordan gave a speech at his own prom, much like Julia does later in the film.

“Prom was a blast. I absolutely loved prom. I liked school in general,” Jordan admitted, before casually revealing he was valedictorian in high school … but not the kind that you’re expecting.

“I was casually valedictorian, but not the smart one. We had two,” he explained. “So, there was your smart valedictorian and your personality hire, and I was the personality hire valedictorian. So I had a great time [at prom], got to have a fun speech. And so it was a really, really fun time.”

Kenny had a similar positive prom-perience, except for one thing.

“I had a bowl cut the entire time I was in high school,” he laughed, explaining that the photos that came from the night were particularly memorable.

Prom Dates has some hilarious moments that often border on secondhand embarrassment — such as one that includes a choreographed dance number and several dancers in banana suits.

prom dates
Disney/Brett Roedel

“I’ll be honest, I went to prom both years for high school and I never did a big promposal or anything like that — but Greg is obviously very different than me as a human being,” Kenny said of his character’s promposal scene. “What’s so funny about that scene is I talked to — they hired a choreographer to do the banana dance — and he was supposed to talk to me about choreographing some sort of dance for me. And I was like, ‘Bro, I got it. I’m going to show you what I’m doing.’ And he was like, ‘you know what? You just go and you do your thing.”

He admitted: “I think I dissociated for most of that.”

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