If you’re as obsessed with YouTube as we are, there’s a good chance David Dobrik‘s Vlog Squad has quickly become your favorite social media crew. We mean, it makes total sense; the squad is full of some of the most hilarious people on the internet, including Josh PeckZane Hijazi, Heath Hussar, and so many others. That said, David recently dished some Vlog Squad secrets exclusively to J-14, and we finally got some of our burning questions answered. What a relief!

Where do we begin? Well, for starters, we can now officially confirm that the friendships you see on the 22-year-old’s channel are 100 percent real and authentic. Of course, some fans have been skeptical about whether or not they’re actually friends IRL, but David said they used to get annoyed whenever he’d pull out the camera, which basically confirms they’re the real deal.

“There’s no audition process or anything like that,” he said. “It was as organic as it possibly could be. And it was so organic that when I started filming, everyone was annoyed that I was filming.”

These days, his group of friends has clearly become less irritated by the constant filming, and honestly, if David didn’t want to hang out with them, he wouldn’t! It seriously is as simple as that.

“There’s really no incentive for me to hang out with anybody if I don’t want to, right? So it all is very organic,” he revealed. “There’s also 20 of us, so if I don’t care to hang out with anybody I’m just not going to, but I do truly like all of ’em.”

Inevitably, his answer led us right into the real tea. Like you, we were dying to know which Vlog Squad member he’s closest with, and in turn, which one he argues with the most.

“They always get offended when I say who I’m closest with, so I’m going to say I’m close with all of ’em.”

OK, so no tea there, but the internet personality did reveal which of his friends he argues with the most, and — SHOCKER — it’s Zane and Jason Nash.

“I feel like I argue with Zane a lot,” he said. “Zane’s really fun to argue with, so I think he would be the one. Or Jason because we have a podcast together, so I think arguing is kind of like our main thing.”

And even though lots of arguing goes on, there’s even more laughing — so naturally, we wanted to know who David thinks is the funniest member of his squad.

“I think it’s Jason,” he admitted. “Jason’s my 45-year-old friend. I think he’s hands-down the funniest. The way I always put him is, he’s like a member of SNL or like a stand-up comic that never made it and now we get to film with him. He’s absolutely hilarious, and I’m so happy that things didn’t work out for him earlier in life because now he gets to film YouTube videos with us.”

Funny how things work out, isn’t it?

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