Following his fall from YouTube grace, David Dobrik has stayed out of the spotlight. However, the internet personality has continued to further his career as a businessman.

David launched his Doughbrik’s Pizza brand in November 2022, with a storefront in Los Angeles noting, at the time, that the entire endeavor had taken him a while to open.

“I’ve been working on for so long … and I remember every month. Everybody that’s come by has absolutely loved it,” David told Entertainment Tonight in November 2022, noting that his internet usage has gone to Snapchat over YouTube more recently.

“Snapchat is just the best because I can literally go about my regular day and just do regular things,” he explained, adding that on YouTube he was “always trying to make sure something is funny.”

Keep reading for all the details on what David is doing now.

What Is David Dobrik Doing Now?

Following his YouTube career, the social media star said he’s continuing to using Snapchat over other platforms. His business endeavors include Doughbrik’s Pizza.

“There’s no way if I was making videos I would be able to make this,” David told ET about the restaurant. “This pizza is the one I would order if I didn’t own this place, so this is — I’m telling you, just come out and try it and then make your judgments. I know you’ll love it.”

What Happened to David Dobrik?

David was famous for his Vlog Squad videos and daily YouTube uploads until a string on controversies took him out of the public eye. Initially, the COVID-19 pandemic stopped David from his daily uploads in 2020. After returning to YouTube in early 2021, some major drama hurt his career.

In March 2021, a former Vlog Squad member, Dominykas Zeglaitis (“Durte Dom”) was accused of sexual misconduct after an anonymous woman said David filmed Dom and other members of their friend group interacting with her. David apologized in a series of videos, where he claimed to have “learned from my mistakes,” removing the videos in question from YouTube. Dom, for his part, denied the accusations before apologizing to the women and “putting them in this position and not considering their feelings and not taking them seriously and for making a mockery and a joke out of them with this video.”

Since then, it appeared that David has since stopped creating content to take on other endeavors, including Doughbrik’s Pizza.

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