Moving on from his YouTube days? David Dobrik might be looking at something bigger in the future. The internet star first teased the possibility of a reality show in August 2023. However, he’s not in a “super rush” to get anything off the ground just yet.

Keep reading for everything we know so far.

Is David Dobrik Releasing a Reality Show?

As of now, David doesn’t have anything in the works, but he does have an idea.

“We’ve definitely like thought about … [having] a show around Doughbrik’s that’s maybe like […] almost like a reality show of employees at the restaurant and like, not in a crazy way where they’re like going partying every day, but just like almost like a Selling Sunset meets a restaurant,” he revealed to Distractify in August 2023. “Kids growing up in L.A. and, like, maybe they’re pursuing their acting dreams or whatever they’re doing. But they also need a day job for the time being. I feel like a show around that would be really interesting.”

Is YouTube Star David Dobrik Filming a Reality Show? His Quotes, Clues
Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures

What Is Doughbrik Pizza?

In November 2022, David launched his Doughbrik’s Pizza brand with a storefront in Los Angeles.

“I’ve been working on for so long … and I remember every month. Everybody that’s come by has absolutely loved it,” he told Entertainment Tonight at the time. “This pizza is the one I would order if I didn’t own this place, so this is — I’m telling you, just come out and try it and then make your judgments. I know you’ll love it.”

David did note that if he was making videos like he used to, there would be “no way” that Doughbrik’s Pizza would thrive. That being said, he’s since thought about expanding into frozen pizza “to have the pizza available in a retail store,” before brining the restaurant to other locations.

“I never understood the complexity of like, creating food and making it consistently the exact food,” David told Distractify. “You can come up with a pizza with your chefs, and you can make it great, but then repeating that every day for every customer that walks in throughout the year is a whole other challenge. So that’s something that definitely making YouTube videos doesn’t prepare you or help you out.”

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