At first, David Dobrik was a Vine star, but as we all know, Vine pretty much crashed and burned, which is why several of the app’s biggest stars made their way over to YouTube — David included. The 22-year-old internet sensation created his channel back in 2014, and he experienced so much success in just a few short years that he decided to create his own squad of vloggers.

That’s right, you guys! In case you weren’t aware, the Vlog Squad exists because of David, and to date, it’s grown to have more than 20 members. While there are definitely other social media squads out there, such as James CharlesSister Squad and Jake Paul‘s Team 10, we love how David’s short trailer-style videos make us feel like we’re part of their hilarious crew.

However, just because we feel like we’re part of the Vlog Squad ourselves, that doesn’t mean we don’t get super confused about who exactly is in the squad. As we already mentioned, the squad is pretty enormous, so keeping track of everyone is pretty challenging. Luckily, we have all the details on every Vlog Squad member past and present, so without further ado, scroll through the gallery to see who’s in and who’s out.


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