For those obsessed with YouTube, you’ve probably heard of the Vlog Squad. In 2014, David Dobrik made his way from the now-defunct app Vine to the video streaming site and created a channel. After experiencing major success on YouTube, he decided to create a squad of his own.

“The videos that we make, especially the ones I do with David, they’re pretty high intensity, so there’s always these crazy requests going on,” member Jason Nash told Insider in November 2019. “People really connect with that kind of stuff. To me, it’s the ideal bridge of comedy because it is real life too. It’s our real lives with comedy mixed in, and that’s my favorite stuff.”

The Vlog Squad and their fan-favorite videos exist because of David. Over the years, the squad has grown to include a ton of members and millions of fans. But that’s not all! The trailblazing group of influencers even inspired other viral groups to come into existence, for example, back in 2016, Jake Paul‘s Team 10 constantly made headlines after their inception online. James CharlesSister Squad was pretty epic before they went their separate ways and several TikTok houses have stepped onto the scene. The TikTok Hype House and Sway House, among others, have totally taken over the internet.

Amid the ongoing coronvirus pandemic, David has taken a step back from his well-known vlogs. “Hey guys! Due to COVID-19 its been basically impossible to film the stuff we would normally want to film,” he explained in a video form March 2020. “You’re going to have to bare with me on the vlogs for a little bit … Regular posts will be back as soon as quarantine is over.” Nearly a year later, and he made his return to filming in February 2021 with a house tour and explanation about what fans can expect from new videos.

“I’m super stoked about this studio because I can’t be filming the videos that I would normally be making like the vlogs, but here we have a controlled environment and everyone that comes in and out of here is COVID tested so we’ll be able to follow the COVID guidelines and still have fun in this cute little room,” he said.

David may have taken a step back from the internet for a while, but some of his friends didn’t. Scroll through our gallery to meet all the current members in David Dobrik’s fan-favorite Vlog Squad. 

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