YouTube star David Dobrik just pulled off the biggest surprise, ever! The 23-year-old flew across the country and surprised one of his biggest fans — a TikTok star’s dad.

It all started over the holiday break when Vienna Skye turned her dad into David’s biggest fan while she was home in New Jersey. The 21-year-old found her dad’s newfound love for the internet star so hilarious that she made a TikTok about it.

“Every night my dad has come to me and asked to watch a random David Dobrik vlog,” she said in the short clip. “Here’s the best part, Tonight, my dad came home dressed like David Dobrik.”

The video immediately went viral and caught the attention of David, who decided to surprise Vienna’s dad. Along with Vlog Squad members Natalie Mariduena and Jason Nash, the YouTuber went into Vienna’s kitchen and tapped her dad on the back. When he turned around, they finally got the chance to meet. David, Natalie and Jason even hung out with the family for the rest of the day! Thankfully, Vienna filmed the entire interaction.

“David and my dad had a little bonding moment,” she said during her TikTok video posted after meeting David. “This is something we’re never gonna forget.”

@_viennaskyeThis is the story of how David Dobrik surprised my Dad! daviddobrik #daviddobrik #jasonnash #jeff #vlogsquad #tonguetied #4u #foryou #surprise♬ Tongue Tied – Grouplove

Previously, during an appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, David revealed the inspiration behind his viral videos of surprising unsuspecting people.

“I love people’s, like, reactions to things—whether it’s, like, a good reaction or a bad reaction. So, now I have this opportunity where I can, literally, get a reaction out of a lot of people. So, I’m kind of just addicted to the whole thing,” he admitted.

So, it was no shock to his followers that David took this opportunity to surprise someone new!

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