YouTuber David Dobrik just revealed the surprising way he first met Justin Bieber and fans can’t believe it! The 23-year-old internet star made his late night talk show debut on The Tonight Show on January 21, 2020. While he was there, host Jimmy Fallon asked David how he struck up such a close friendship with the “Yummy” singer.

The social media star revealed that they actually met in a Los Angeles club and from the sound of it, Justin made a perfect first impression.

“I saw him at the club and one of his friends was like, ‘You’re gonna meet Justin’ and I just remember — everyone knows Justin Bieber, right? Everyone grew up, at least I grew up, listening to his music. I know all about him, I was so nervous,” David admitted. “And he’s walking over to me and I say, ‘Hi, I’m David.’ And he’s like, ‘Hi, I’m Justin.’ And he walks by me and he goes, ‘Tickle tickle’!”

David Dobrik Recalls The Moment Justin Bieber Tickled Him In A Club

The YouTube star reenacted the moment for Jimmy. He reached into the host’s jacket and tickled his stomach.

“I swear to God, I swear to God! And he said it out loud, he goes, ‘Tickle tickle!’ and I go, ‘Ok! Cool!’…It felt so good after he tickled me. It was the best icebreaker when he tickled me. He’s the sweetest, he’s so great.”

Ultimately, the pair’s unforgettable first meeting led to an epic YouTube collaboration. On January 11, 2020 — just one month after they first met — Justin hopped in David’s car to surprise fans. According to David, they picked up unsuspecting college student to give them a “pop culture” quiz. When they were asked about Justin’s song, he would popped out of the backseat and surprised them!

During his appearance on The Tonight Show, David also revealed the inspiration behind his viral videos of surprising unsuspecting people.

“I love people’s, like, reactions to things—whether it’s, like, a good reaction or a bad reaction. So, now I have this opportunity where I can, literally, get a reaction out of a lot of people. So, I’m kind of just addicted to the whole thing,” he admitted.

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