It’s no secret that YouTube sensation Scotty Sire is slaying the game right now. Not only has he racked up more than 2.5 million subscribers on the video streaming site and 3 million followers on Instagram, but the social media star has also taken over the charts with his music and even sold out a 36-city tour!

Well guys, J-14 just got a chance to chat with the influencer — who is also a part of David Dobrik‘s iconic “Vlog Squad” — and he dished on all things YouTube, what it’s really like being a part of the group, his rise to fame, his upcoming music and more!

J-14: Can you tell us a little bit about your rise to fame? Was it gradual or overnight? How did you adjust to all the online attention?

Scotty Sire: I got started on Vine creating mostly comedy videos. Once people started watching them, I realized I had an opportunity to build something. Around that time is when I first connected with my friends who are now thought of as the “Vlog Squad.” Eventually, I shifted to YouTube where I started making longer form videos and vlogs. Now, I still post regularly on YouTube, but I’m also focused on making music. In the last couple years, I’ve started to show more of the behind the scenes of the writing, recording and touring process on my channel.

It was definitely a more gradual growth process versus having one extremely viral video. When I first started to get recognized in public it was definitely weird because I’m very open about being a socially awkward guy. But it’s always exciting to meet people who follow and support what I do, that’s what keeps me motivated towards making new music and content.

J-14: How did you get involved with Vine/YouTube in the first place? Did you always know you wanted to be a social media star?

Scotty: When I first started making videos it was just me and my friends goofing around and hanging out, we didn’t go into it with the intent of becoming social media stars. That wasn’t even a thing then. But as Vine exploded and then died we all realized we had this new opportunity and market that we got to create ourselves. I always loved making people laugh and expressing myself, so it was like a dream come true to have an opportunity to do that my own way.

J-14: Who are your favorite YouTubers? Anyone you’re watching at the moment?

Scotty: I just discovered this guy named David Dobrik, he’s pretty cool. Not sure about his friends though.

J-14: Where do you get inspiration for your YouTube videos? Is it ever hard to come up with original ideas?

Scotty: It depends on the video. Sometimes they’re more planned out and other times we will all just be hanging out and something funny happens and we catch it on camera. I have definitely gone through periods where I am struggling to come up with something, but since I got off tour last year I have been really focused on uploading consistently and listening to what everyone wants to see more of. It can be stressful at times to keep coming up with new ideas, but that’s a fun challenge.

J-14: How did you get involved with the “Vlog Squad?”

Scotty: We all met naturally, connecting at events or through other mutual friends we had. We bonded really quickly and the rest is history.

J-14: What is it really like being a part of the “Vlog Squad?”

Scotty: It’s a great time, we have a ton of fun together and genuinely care about each other. Whenever I have a show in LA the whole squad always shows up to support me, which is really an amazing feeling. I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I hadn’t made this amazing circle of friends who get me and have the same interests!

Vlog Squad

J-14: What’s one thing about David that nobody knows?

Scotty: This is something I didn’t know until just recently so I doubt too many people know about it — he clips his fingernails with scissors!

J-14: Who are you closest to in the “Vlog Squad?”

Scotty: We’re really all a very tight knit group, but I gotta say Toddy [Smith]. We grew up together and used to be on the same wrestling team in high school. He also plays the piano in my band, and we were on tour together last year. He’s like my brother from another mother.

J-14: Are there ever any fights or drama in the “Vlog Squad?”

Scotty: It’s like a family, we definitely bicker like a bunch of brothers and sisters sometimes. But we all have each other’s backs and at the end of the day nothing matters other than that.

J-14: Can you share your favorite memory with the “Vlog Squad?”

Scotty: One of my favorite memories with the “Vlog Squad” is the first time David put dry ice in the pool. It was fun, everybody was together, and I always think of it as the beginning of the big bits.

J-14: What can fans expect from you in 2020? Any new music in the works?

Scotty: We have a lot planned for 2020. First thing, I am nominated for an iHeartRadio Music Award which is very exciting! But there will definitely be some new music this year, perhaps sooner than you may think… This year I’m really focusing on what kind of content I want to put out there and being more innovative across the board. I want to always be excited about what I’m putting out there!

J-14: I know you recently finished a 36-city tour, what is your favorite part about touring?

Scotty: Tour life is crazy, I love being in a different city each night and just having random new experiences with my band and the crew. It’s exhausting and thrilling, but it’s insanely fun and rewarding connecting with the people who support me and my music.

J-14: Did you have a favorite city you visited during the tour?

Scotty: I couldn’t play favorites, every city brought some different form of great energy during the shows. But I did love exploring Toronto, and we got to roam around the Seaport in Boston during an off [day] and it was a great time.

J-14: Any fun stories you can share from the tour?

Scotty: One random night Toddy and I were bored so we went to a friend’s tattoo shop and he got my Instagram handle tattoo’d on his thigh. That’s true friendship.

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