Prepare to be shook, fam! Apparently, Tana Mongeau isn’t the only one who totally ships beauty guru James Charles with Vlog Squad member Jeff Wittek — David Dobrik does too!

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, folks! The Vlog Squad founder recently opened up to J-14 about many things — James and Jeff included — and like us, he’s SO here for it. This might not come as much of a surprise, but he, too, noticed their playful chemistry in James’ video with the Vlog Squad from back in February, which is why he’d love to see this actually happen IRL.

“Yeah, I do. I definitely do ship it,” the YouTuber told J-14. “I like both of them a lot.”

Unfortunately, though, the YouTuber doesn’t seem to have a lot of faith that this would actually work out, and as much as we want this ship to turn into a real-life relationship, he does have a pretty good point.

“I think Jeff unfortunately is straight, so I think it’s a little bit of a long shot,” David admitted. “But hey, if he ever comes around to it and he’s down to clown with James, I fully support it.”

Well, you heard it here first! David thinks James and Jeff would make an awesome couple, and he totally understands why fans of the Vlog Squad and fans of James ship it too.

“Jeff is definitely the favorite to group people with in relationships — especially with James.” Well, duh!

James Charles & Jeff Witteck

There’s simply no denying that they would be adorable together, and if you’re not fully convinced of that, you haven’t watched their video enough. In their short time together, James and Jeff checked under each other’s shirts for their microphones (a.k.a. felt each other’s abs), planned a date to the Grammys and even talked about doing a full body massage.

Although David doesn’t think this relationship is a real possibility, we’re still holding out hope. We mean, it seems like a love connection in the making, and plus, we’ve got Tana on our side!

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