Way before the the Paul Brothers and JoJo Siwa took over YouTube, there was a whole other group of extremely popular internet personalities that we’d watch whenever we got home from school. Honestly, many of these people would probably agree that, compared to today, their content was sort of… meh. That’s why, some OG YouTube stars struggled to keep up with the growing trends and eventually faded out into oblivion.

While many of the original YouTubers no longer produce content, others were able to keep up and continue growing their following. TBH, some of them are making some of the best videos of their lives! We mean, just look at Shane Dawson, for example. The guy continues to upload riveting documentaries that keep our eyes locked on the video platform for hours on end.

Still, it’s important to remember that he’s not the only YouTuber from back in the day that’s still thriving. From beauty gurus to regular vloggers, keep scrolling to see some OG YouTubers who are still crushing it today.

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