When you're a YouTube personality, it goes without saying that you have to share a lot of your life with the internet. Luckily for us — the ones who religiously watch these YouTube channels and become undoubtedly invested in these YouTubers' lives — that oversharing rule also goes for serious relationships. And when your favorite YouTube stars get married, you best believe they're going to document it online!

With social media sensations like Marcus Johns and Megan Nicole all getting married to their respective significant others over the last few years, it's evident that love is in the air — at least on YouTube! Marcus and his wife Kristin and Megan and her husband Cooper aren't the only ones who tied the knot in the past few years. Tons of YouTubers have said "I do" lately — so many, in fact, that it can be difficult to keep track of which stars are officially off the market.

Keep scrolling down to find out which of your favorite YouTubers are actually married!

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