Fans of YouTube star Tana Mongeau were the opposite of shook when she took to Twitter to announce her pregnancy on Friday, March 29. Why? Well, because they didn’t believe her… like, at all.

That’s right, you guys! For some reason, the YouTuber felt the need to tell her followers she’s expecting a baby, but considering the bizarre tweet, fans simply weren’t convinced she was telling the truth. We mean, would you believe someone who dropped a bombshell like that along with a helicopter and ladder graphic on Twitter? We think not!

Along with the graphic, the 20-year-old wrote, “Hey just dropping down to announce im pregnant.” Uh, what?

Inevitably, fans of the internet personality were confused AF, and several of her followers were quick to call it a publicity stunt — including YouTuber Elijah Daniel.

“Can’t wait to be the godfather of your publicity stunt,” he tweeted.

Elijah wasn’t the only one who didn’t buy the alleged pregnancy, though. Several fans came for Tana in the replies, claiming the tweet was just downright false.

One fan wrote, “Hey April fools isn’t until Monday sis,” with another person adding, “I need a live pregnancy test sis….. I… I have no words.”

Others, however, were obviously super confused by Tana’s tweet, and TBH, they didn’t know what to believe. Several even said that, if the announcement was real, that probably would be the way she’d go about it. OMG.

“The thing is since it’s you I genuinely don’t know if this is fr because I feel like this is precisely how you’d announce it.” one fan tweeted. LOL.

So what’s going on here exactly? Well, after doing some investigating, it’s become clear that Tana is NOT pregnant.

After exchanging some pregnancy-related tweets with influencer Ashly Schwan, a fan asked Ashly directly if she and Tana are actually preggers, or if it was all just one big joke.

“ok so are @tanamongeau and @AshlySchwan pregnant or not bc i’m a little shook,” the fan wrote.

Ashly’s response? “No I wish lmao.”

Well, there you have it, folks! Tana does not have a bun in the oven, just as many most of her followers originally suspected. SHOCKER!

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