Winning a Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Social Star at this year’s ceremony was a huge deal for YouTuber David Dobrik. And do you want to know what made the evening even more special? The fact that he was able to accept the award from his good friend and former Nickelodeon star Josh Peck.

The 22-year-old told J-14, “I used to watch Josh on the Kids’ Choice Awards. I used to watch the Grammys, the Oscars and the Kids’ Choice Awards, right? And everyone’s speech would always be, ‘I can’t believe I used to watch this at home and now I’m here,’ and I always thought that was so cliché, but that was the exact same situation I was in.”

Like the rest of us, David watched Josh on Nickelodeon series like The Amanda Show, and of course, Drake & Josh, so being presented the award by the actor was definitely a full circle moment for him. In fact, it was so mind-blowing that he revealed he was even more excited after it had already happened.

Yep! The social media star was obviously excited to win the award at first, but he almost couldn’t grasp the gravity of it until it was already over. After accepting the award on TV in front of millions of fans and holding the iconic orange blimp in his arms, he told J-14 that it was “the best feeling.”

“I mean, it’s crazy because it was a big deal going into it,” he shared. “I was super excited about it, but then after it happened it felt like a bigger deal. I don’t know. I was even more excited afterwards.”

As for how he even got the honor of accepting the award in the first place? Well, he’s still not so sure. However, he couldn’t be more appreciative of the recognition from Nickelodeon, and of course, from his fans as well.

“I can’t really put words to it because it just doesn’t make any sense,” he said. “But I’m super grateful and thankful that it happened the way it happened, and it’s so crazy.”

TBH, we can’t imagine how amazing that must feel, and the fact that his BFF Josh got to experience it right there with him is something we think he’ll cherish forever. Congrats, David!

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