No matter how old you are, watching a classic Disney movie is always a good idea and who doesn’t love the Disney princes? They’re pretty swoonworthy when you think about it and sometimes, you just wish they could come to life. Well, leave it to some of your fave celebs to actually channel Disney princes IRL to really bring on all the feels.

Take Shawn Mendes. On Twitter, a fan actually compared him to a beloved Disney character, all thanks to the outfit he had one. The “In My Blood” singer liked a tweet that compared him to Tadashi Hamada from Big Hero 6. And the resemblance is truly uncanny when you think about it.

shawn mendes disney tweet

OK, but the fact that Shawn liked the tweet proves he agrees with it and while Tadashi might not be a prince, he’s still a great guy character whose storyline in the movie will totally make you sob if you haven’t watched this movie yet. Like 100% ugly cry. But this comparison just had us thinking about other time your faves had have Disney moments and well, we just had to share our findings with you. Check out more times celeb guys have given us total Disney prince vibes and yes, it’s all as adorable as you think it is.

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