Ever since news hit the web that Disney’s making a live-action remake of the animated classic The Little Mermaid, there has been one main question on everyone’s mind. And that is — who will play Ariel and Prince Eric?

Well guys, it was recently announced that Grown-ish actress Halle Bailey has been cast as the iconic mermaid! But what about the prince, you ask? Yyou guys might want to brace yourselves because according to The Hollywood Reporter, Harry Styles is in early negotiations for the role. OMG. That would seriously a dream come true!

Asher Angel also recently revealed to Entertainment Tonight that he had tried out for the part, but he wasn’t sure if he had landed the role or not.

“I’ve auditioned. I went in for it,” he said. “It [would] mean so much to me. I started off doing musical theater. One of my first ever shows, I was Flounder. It was really cute. There’s video everywhere, if you guys want to look it up. I would love to do the live action, of course. There’s so many amazing people in it that I would love to work with.”

There’s also been a few rumors that Disney’s considering Noah Centineo to play Prince Eric, and we’re seriously freaking out. We mean, not only are all three of them amazing actors, but they’re also totally swoon-worthy, so we know that they’d all make perfect princes.

But unfortunately, until Disney officially announces anything, it’s all just speculation. That’s why we went ahead and came up with a bunch of other possibilities, you know, just for fun! And we would love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Scroll through our gallery to imagine all of your favorite celebrities as Prince Eric. Then, vote on which actor you think would make the best prince.

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