Get ready, people, because everyone’s favorite God is about to come to life on the big screen! That’s right, Disney reportedly has a live-action remake of the animated flick Hercules in the works, and fans can’t contain their excitement.

According to website The Disinsider, Walt Disney Studios has reportedly recruited Jeffery Silver and Karen Gilchrist (who both brought the recent The Lion King remake to life) to produce the possible film, set to get a full theatrical release. The highly-anticipated remake will feature all the fan-favorite classic tunes from the original movie — like “Zero To Hero” and “Go The Distance” — with new ones, most likely, being added. Since its original release in 1997, the film has become one of the most successful Disney flicks released in the last 25 years.

But that’s not all! Famed directors Jon Favreau (known for the Iron Man films and The Jungle Book remake) and Joe and Anthony Russo (who slayed the box office with their 2019 film Avengers: Endgame) are rumored to be interested in the project. Of course, Disney has not officially confirmed any of this news.

For those who forgot, Hercules followed a young God who was kidnapped as a baby and forced to live among humans as a half-man, half-god. In order to prove that he’s truly the son of a the Gods, Hercules needed to perform a rite of passage on Earth in order to live on Mount Olympus. Throughout the film, he fell in love and learned to use his strength to defeat the evil Hades.

As fans know, this wouldn’t be the only live-action remake in the works. In January, it was announced that Disney would be working on a live-action remake of the animated classic Bambi. The network also recently revealed the cast of a new Little Mermaid movie, which is expected to hit theaters in late 2021.

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