Leave it to Chris Hemsworth to spill all the tea about his brother Liam Hemsworth and potential future sister-in-law Miley Cyrus. Ever since the pair rekindled their relationship back in 2015 after taking some time apart, shippers have been trying to figure out exactly where Miley and Liam see themselves in the long run. Do they plan on getting married? Do they plan on having kids? Are they engaged again? Are they already secretly married? So. Many. Questions. Of course, Miam has been spotted wearing rings on that finger for years but have yet to confirm that they have tied the knot. Now, Chris is letting the world in on some family gossip that we've been waiting for. Thanks, Thor, this is exactly what we needed today.

Are Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth married?

Nope! Chris chatted with Sirius XM radio in New York City and said, "They're not officially married." However, he reportedly didn't deny that some kind of wedding ceremony took place in Byron Bay where the couple, Chris and his wife have been living for the past couple of weeks. And while we're not directly connected to Miley and Liam, we have a gut feeling that when Chris said they aren't officially married it meant that they don't have a legal document saying they are husband and wife. BUT, they could call each other that or they could have had some type of wedding-ish event that spiritually bound them together. Everyone knows that Miley and Liam do their own thing and don't follow what most people consider "the norm." So, this is all totally possible. The rings they have been seen wearing could be placeholders for other ones when they decide to officially marry each other. Or honestly, they could just forever stay in this place of spiritual marriage because it's what makes them happy. Whatever works, to be honest.

Does Miley Cyrus sing for Liam Hemsworth?

We're not sure what these two get into behind closed doors, but we can confirm that Miley does not perform for Liam's family. Later on, during the same interview, Chris revealed that he's been waiting for Miley to break out in song but it has yet to happen. He said, "I always just expect her to put on a show and bang a few songs out, but she never does. I'm insisting constantly, I'm like, 'when's the performance coming?' But she's just a lot of fun." OKAY, raise your hand if this is the most relatable thing Chris has ever said?! If you were around Miley all of the time, you'd be waiting for it too. Like, can you imagine, just having "Hoedown Throwdown" coming out of Miley's mouth just in the middle of the day? All of our dreams would come true. We're so with Chris on this one.

Are Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth engaged?

Chris kept pretty hush hush on an actual engagement. But, like we previously said, the pair has been spotted with rings. And, going back to our non-expert expert opinion, we don't think Liam got down on one knee for the second time. I think these two are so confident with where their relationship is at right now that they don't need to do things the traditional way and that includes an official engagement or proposal. Honestly, I believe Miley just started wearing the engagement ring Liam got her years ago because she likes it and she knows that he is the one for her. It doesn't really have to mean much more than that. The first time she wore the bling after getting back together with the Hunger Games star was on Instagram exactly two years ago on January 18, 2016. She captioned the post, "I look like a f-cking strawberry. #looklikemyf-ckingmomdressedmethisam #prettysureihadthissamelookat6."


So, yes, it's been two years since the initial shock that these two even had thoughts of marriage swirling around their heads again. But they haven't made it official, according to Chris. It makes you wonder if they will ever make it official. Two years is a literal lifetime to be dating someone in the celebrity world. Only time will tell if they ever decide to legally change their relationship status.

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