We know this is hard to believe, but according to YouTube star Trisha Paytas, her fellow Vlog Squad member David Dobrik is actually a terrible person IRL. Wait, what?

You heard that correctly, folks. The 30-year-old uploaded a video to her channel on Saturday, February 2, calling David a “horrible person” through tears after he included clips in his videos of her ex-boyfriend Jason Nash making inappropriate sexual jokes involving Tana Mongeau.

After confirming that she and Jason had split as a result of the dirty jokes, the mukbang vlogger explained that David is actually an even bigger problem.

“Even though Jason’s creepy and disgusting, David’s on a whole other level of being an actual horrible person,” she said. “If you watched David’s vlog, which a lot of people have because I get tweets and comments and texts about it, there’s this joke that he knows I don’t like so he pushes it. He pushes it because he knows it gets a reaction from me.”

Despite knowing that it upset her, David and Jason still agreed to put the bit in the vlog. To make matters even worse, she claims they invited Tana over that night to push the “joke” even further.

trisha paytas crying

“It was so gross, you guys. It was so gross. Like, him trying to convince Tana to like go in the bedroom and, like, Jason with his shirt off. It was just like so gross and so creepy,” Trisha said.

According to Trisha, though, David is Jason’s “meal ticket,” which means he basically does anything David wants since that’s where a lot of his money comes from. Clearly, she’s tired of her feelings being disregarded for the sake of a vlog, and she’s even more tired of both David and Jason not caring about how these jokes affect her and hurt her feelings.

“I’m not trying to do this exposé video about every single horrible evil thing that David has done,” she said. “But I don’t think there should be a YouTuber out there that, like, ruins people’s lives. He messes with people for vlogs, and he provokes people for vlogs, and I don’t think it’s right.”

While that very well might be her own personal experience with David, we have to say that, at one point, she took her argument a little too far when she compared the YouTube star to — wait for it — a serial killer.

“I used to really love David,” she said. “I used to think he was so charming in the same way Ted Bundy was charming, I guess. I mean, everyone thought he was charming, too. He turned out to be a serial killer, and that’s the same how I kinda feel, and I really lost all respect for David.”

Inevitably, fans who watched Trisha’s video before it was removed from YouTube have already chosen sides, and regardless of whether they’re siding with her or David, the general consensus seems to be that she’ll take Jason back sooner rather than later. They also seem to think she’ll be back with the Vlog Squad in no time, so we guess we’ll just have to wait to find out!

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