YouTube star Tana Mongeau is apologizing for how TanaCon turned out. The web star’s very own convention, which she named TanaCon, was (almost) put on in response to the widely known VidCon not giving her a creator badge for the event. But her own personal event didn’t go as planned, and she has been off of social media for more than a month because of the backlash. This was very surprising for her fans, as it was the longest break she took from posting in over three years. However, she explained that she wanted to wait to address the situation until fans received their refunds from the event. They paid for it, and then it didn’t happen.

“Where I went wrong was going into this with spite and going into this with ego – and doing this in two months. I should’ve done it with people who I trusted and people who weren’t hated in the industry – and people who weren’t lying to me,” the social media creator shared in a video recently uploaded to YouTube. 

While Tana’s management team allegedly said there was 15,000 people who waited outside for the convention, a Garden Grove Police Department report obtained by The Verge said there was actually around 4,000-5,000 attendees on the scene. Additionally, stars like Tana’s ~rumored~ former GF Bella Thorne and Shane Dawson were set to perform. But then, the event was shutdown due to unsafe conditions.

“To everyone that believed in me – whether you came and you got a sunburn and you waited in line for hours and hours and hours, or you are simply watching along this journey and you believed in me and I let you down,” Tana said. “I’m sorry and I will spend the rest of my life trying to make this better.”

One thing is for sure – Tana is dedicated to clearing things up and feels really bad about how this all panned out.

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