If you haven't already seen Midnight Sun starring Bella Thorne and Patrick Schwarzenegger, be warned that you should have some tissues ready in the theater for those tears that'll no doubt be streaming down your face. We can attest – it's a tearjerker. J-14's Liam McEwan caught up with the stars to talk all things Midnight Sun, which surprisingly started production way back in 2015. Bella and Patrick spilled what it's like watching a movie that they shot so long ago – because as you could imagine, it's almost like looking way back in your camera roll to a different time.

Patrick told us, "I think there was things that I can go back and be like, 'Oh wow, I've learned so much about acting and stuff since then.' But at the same time, like we play high school students. You know, I'm 24 now. So when I shot this I was 21 – it's probably better that we shot this back then. You know, I look way younger probably. I look thinner. So you know, everything happens for a reason at that time, and I think at that end of the day – we're those characters. We're not ourselves."

Bella chimed in, "When I watch a lot of [my] movies – this one's a little bit different, but sometimes I look very different in movies. And then I kind of just forget that I'm watching myself."

The story follows the journey of a 17-year-old girl named Katie (played by Bella) who suffers from a condition that doesn't allow her to be in the sunlight. While this interferes with many aspects of her life, it's especially tricky when she falls in love with Charlie (Patrick) – a boy that she's been watching from her bedroom window for years. So yeah, not your average love story. But definitely a sweet one.

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