After two years apart, James Charles and Ethan and Grayson Dolan all appeared in TikTok star Larray‘s “Canceled” music video in October 2020. The three YouTube stars were shown in the same classroom setting on the music video’s set and, naturally, fans freaked out!

The Dolan Twins and James were part of the Sister Squad along with Emma Chamberlain. After months of speculation, all four members have finally answered fans’ questions about the group’s unexplained disappearance and we’re seriously shook! When he ranked specific moments throughout his career in December 2020, James put the Sister Squad in the, “probably not again but happy for the experience category.”

“It was really, really cool to film these crazy over-the-top videos with, at the time, my best friends in the entire world,” the makeup mogul explained. “Basically, we were all just at very very different parts of our careers and our lives and we needed to go in different directions.”

In July 2020, the Dolan Twins addressed various assumptions made about themselves, and they spilled all the tea on the real reason the Sister Squad ended. Then, weeks later Emma addressed whether or not the influencers would ever get back together revealing that she’s “reconnecting” with James but can’t make any promises about getting on the same page as the Dolan Twins.

For those who missed it, the Sister Squad used to collaborate on videos, like, all the time, but now, it’s been over a year since we’ve seen them together. They used to constantly hang out and document their epic adventures together, and everyone was striving to find a friendship like theirs. We’ve seen them do so much together — like travel to Las Vegas, get hypnotized and of course, buy each other some of the most expensive and luxurious Christmas gifts we’ve ever seen in our lives.

But now, people have pretty much come to accept that the Sister Squad may very well be over for good. So what really caused them to go their separate ways? We broke it all down for you. Scroll through the gallery to find out what happened to the Sister Squad and why they stopped making videos together.

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