OK, you guys. It’s time to address something that’s been weighing heavy on our minds lately, and it’s the unexplained disappearance of the Sister Squad. The squad, which is made up of some of our all-time favorite YouTubers, used to collaborate on videos frequently, but now that it’s been several months since we’ve seen them together in a video, we’re not going to lie: We’re pretty concerned about their friendship.

As it turns out, we’re not the only ones sister scared about the future of this foursome. Fans of the famous YouTube squad have been tweeting for months about whether or not they will reunite for a video soon, or if they’ve called it quits on collaborating for good. Of course, James Charlesrecent scandal adds many complicated layers to this, so we’re not sure if they even consider themselves to be friends anymore!

Like you, the thought of the Sister Squad ceasing to exist (even if it’s without James) can bring literal tears to our eyes. We’ve seen them travel to Las Vegas together, visit a mall Santa together, get hypnotized together, and of course, buy each other some of the most expensive and luxurious Christmas gifts we’ve ever seen in our lives.

But now, people have pretty much come to accept that the Sister Squad may very well be over, and the evidence is all here. Scroll through the gallery to find out what happened to the Sister Squad.

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