We can pretty much all agree that it’s been a whirlwind several days for beauty guru James Charles. After being exposed on the internet by fellow makeup artist Tati Westbrook in a scathing 40-minute-long video, celebs, people online and even some of his fellow YouTubers have been unfollowing and unsubscribing in droves. Regardless of what he’s allegedly done and how his behavior made people feel, though, the reality is that it’s super hard dealing with online hate — especially from millions of people at all different angles. But after hiding out for a few days, the makeup artist has officially been spotted in public once again.

Yup! Since the scandal broke, the Sisters Apparel founder has been in Australia. Ironically, he went down under to launch his first ever Sisters Apparel pop-up shop — likely the first of many he had planned for his “16 million sisters strong.” Now, he’s seemingly ready to return to the U.S. and was spotted in Australia’s Brisbane Airport looking sister stressed. See?

James Charles

Clearly, the trip didn’t go quite as he had planned, and he wound up losing a whopping 3 million subscribers over the course of just a weekend. For those of you who are unfamiliar with YouTube and how it works, that’s pretty much unheard of.

So what caused so many of James’ fans to turn their backs on him so quickly? Well, once Tati exposed him for manipulating straight men and being a terrible friend, many of them instantly unsubscribed. Over the course of the next few days, however, even more receipts were uploaded online, which corroborated with Tati’s story. Then, a ton of other influencers began posting their own opinions on the matter, leading to what has undoubtedly become one of the biggest influencer scandals of the year. Yikes!

As we already said, getting hate online is really rough, and although many of the allegations placed against the makeup artist have been disturbing and disappointing, we’re glad to see he’s out in public again. The past several days couldn’t have been easy, and backlash of this magnitude would take a toll on anyone — especially a teenager.

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