In the aftermath of Tati Westbrook‘s scathing 43-minute-long YouTube video about James Charles, many people quickly stopped supporting the beauty guru. But even though some YouTubers and former sisters around the globe immediately canceled him, two of his friends in the beauty community are committed to outing Tati as a liar and a fraud. Who, you ask? None other than Gabriel Zamora and Nikita Dragun.

ICYMI, one of the main themes of the 37-year-old’s video was the fact that the Sisters Apparel founder decided to promote SugarBearHair vitamins over Tati’s very own wellness brand, Halo Beauty, during Coachella weekend. According to him, he did the ad in exchange for security, but Tati totally didn’t buy that excuse. Now, days after her video shook the internet, Nikita and Gabriel have come through with receipts to show that James’ ad was not premeditated as Tati claimed.

“heard a situation needed some clarification,” Nikita tweeted. “my friend was in an emergency and texted me in the moment… unfortunately since @dragunbeauty used all of our marketing budget on the fantasy, i connected him with sugar bear. nothing shady.”

Nikita also attached screenshots of her conversation with James, as well as a conversation she had with a SugarBear rep. The chats seemingly show that the makeup artist was getting mobbed at the festival and made the last minute decision to see if SugarBearHair could help him out. Interesting…

Of course, this contradicts what Tati said in her video, but let’s be real: There are several sides to every story.

“The SugarBearHair thing — that was a blatant lie,” Tati said. “… You went to Coachella, somehow had a security issue and magically SugarBearHair is there with a contract in hand to save the day for you and all of your friends. No company would ever go out of their way to have an extra handful of passes that cost thousands of dollars a piece just in case. There’s value there and there’s value exchange. Gabriel’s correct about that. Brands know what they’re doing, and that leads me to believe that this was orchestrated beforehand, but he had an emotional conflict because of me and promises he made to me behind the scenes.”

Honestly, we don’t know what to believe about the SugarBearHair drama, but we do know that Gabriel is fully siding with James and Nikita. Apart from dragging Tati on Snapchat on May 12 for accusing him of “being complicit in predatory behavior,” he took to Twitter on May 14 to respond to a drama account that claimed James lied about how he got the passes.

“Where does he ask for a sponsorship?” Gabriel asked. “He states they texted him…she asked if he could give them his number…she told them hes getting mobbed…hence why THEY text him…are you not reading??? WHY does he have to tell you she was the connect?”

Then, after a fan pointed out holes in the timeline, Gabriel clapped back.

“Yeah just cus he met them weekend one AND they helped with security, doesn’t mean it was the same weekend,” he added. “I can see how you’re hearing that but I’m hearing them as the two separate statements that they are. He met them wknd 1. AND. They helped with security.”

Welp, it’s safe to say this just turned into a bigger mess than it already was, and our heads are truly spinning. This drama is out of control, you guys.

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