By now, we’re all well aware of James Charles‘ latest scandal. It all started when beauty guru Tati Westbrook took to her channel to expose him for several of of his wrong-doings, including the SugarBearHair betrayal and his alleged manipulation of straight men on several occasions. But now that this has become one of the biggest YouTube scandals in history, we’ve been dying to know whether or not James’ upcoming Sisters Tour will be impacted. After all, he did lose approximately 3 million subscribers at one point from the ordeal, and even though he’s managed to gain roughly one million back since then, there are still bound to be some side effects.

As of right now, James is unsure about the future of the Sisters Tour. In his recent 40-minute-long YouTube video in which he provided receipts to prove his innocence, the influencer addressed the tour, and well, we’re not quite sure whether or not it will actually happen. However, if you’re one of the loyal sisters who hasn’t unsubscribed, you probably shouldn’t cut up your tickets quite yet.

“In regards to the Sisters Tour, which I’ve gotten quite a lot of questions about — despite the ticket scandal, we are almost complete sold out nationwide and that is mind-blowing to me, and I’m so grateful. I know there’s been a lot of emails and speculation. As of right now I unfortunately do not have a full answer on what is happening with the tour, but I will have an update for you guys by the end of this week. I promise.”

That said, tickets are still up for sale on, and the first six venues have confirmed to TMZ that, as far as they know, the shows are still happening.

Yup! Despite not having any updates, there’s still a chance the Sisters Tour will be making its way around the country as planned, which is something the makeup artist has been discussing with his team for a whopping two years.

“I swear to God, you guys, I have literally been talking to my team about going on tour for over two years now, and we wanted to wait and make sure it’d be absolutely perfect and I cannot believe that it is finally here and I get to tell you guys about it,” the YouTuber said in his tour announcement.

So what about the former sisters who bought tickets but demanded a refund after the scandal? Well, it seems like they might be out of luck. According to the website, all sales are final, which means the audience will likely be full of people who don’t really know how to feel about the makeup artist at the moment.

Still, whether you’re a sister or not, we think it’s important to brief you on what to expect. And lucky for you, we’re spilling all the tea, including the tour dates, which cities the YouTube star will be hitting up and how you can snag tickets if you’re still interested.

Well, what are you waiting for? It’s time to sister scroll through the gallery for all the details on James’ upcoming tour.

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