Prepare yourselves, sisters! James CharlesSisters Tour will be making its way across the nation in no time, and despite the fact that the 24-city tour was just announced, we already have a ton of good and fresh ideas about what should go down at each show.

Inevitably, it will basically be a giant party; there will be music, there will be laughs, and yes, there will be makeup. And although he didn’t reveal much in the initial tour announcement, the beauty guru gave a barebones explanation about what sisters who are attending the show can expect.

“We’re going to have, of course, makeup live on stage with maybe a few sisters from the audience. We’ll be playing games, you guys will be coming up, we’ll be doing Q&A’s, of course there will be music as well — and duh! A whole lot of Instagram selfies.”

Like you, we can’t wait for tickets to go on sister sale. And remember, they’ll be available for purchase on Friday, April 26 at 10 A.M. PST on, which doesn’t leave you much time to sister save. In the meantime, scroll through the gallery for everything we’d love to see at the Sisters Tour.

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