If you’re a James Charles fan, just like us, you’ll know that the newly 21-year-old beauty guru has come up with some pretty major catchphrases throughout his time on YouTube. Let’s be real, one of the makeup mogul’s iconic videos simply wouldn’t be the same without the occasional “Love That For You,” “Sister Snatched” and “Hey, Kitty Girls!”

We don’t need to remind you, because by now you all know, but while we’re on the subject of the vlogger’s most memorable quotes, “be sure to use code James for 10% off.” In honor of the social media star’s extensive (and catchy) vocabulary, we decided to break down all the phrases that James — and his biggest fans — use the most. So, sit back, relax and get ready to “Spill The Tea, Sis” and get ready to add these phrases in your evert day conversations!

Scroll through our gallery for all the “Good and Fresh and Fun” catchphrases that get sister stuck in our heads 24/7.

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