OK, sisters! if you’re a diehard fan of beauty guru James Charles, you’re well aware of the many iconic phrases he says in his YouTube videos. Some of them he made up on his own, and others he’s totally reinvented. Either way, a James Charles video simply wouldn’t be the same without the occasional “Good and Fresh,” “Sister Snatched” and “Hey, Kitty Girls!” Wouldn’t you agree?

Honestly, the 19-year-old makeup artist could launch his own dictionary full of terms he frequently uses. We mean, it would definitely help a ton of people on their quest to figure out what exactly they mean and how to correctly use them in a sentence.

Lucky for you, we’ve analyzed his videos very closely and have come up with a comprehensive guide of roughly 20 of his most hilarious terms and their meanings, so you can be an even bigger sister than you ever were before. You can thank us later.

Scroll through the gallery for some good and fun and fresh terms that James always uses.

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