Everyone, meet your new favorite beauty vlogger, Ashley Strong! The talented makeup artist was just crowned as the Season 1 winner of James Charles‘ Instant Influencer, and we are shook. But wait, who exactly is the new YouTube star who’s about to take the internet by storm? Not to worry, people, because J-14‘s got you covered. We rounded up everything you need to know about Ashley, including her age, where she’s from and even where you can follow her online for some pretty amazing, daily beauty inspiration.

For those who missed it, Ashley’s rise to fame started on April 24, when the first episode of Instant Influencer premiered on YouTube. Throughout the four episodes of the reality competition series, the aspiring beauty guru not only showed off her artistry skills, but often came out on top during the various challenges and, in the end, was awarded the $50,000 grand prize.

Back in November, before the show premiered, James told fans, “As a kid growing up, reality competition shows were literally the only thing I watched on TV and, if I’m being honest with you guys they are still to this day my guilty pleasure. When I first started getting into makeup and social media, one of my biggest goals that I set for myself was to have my own competition show one day.”

Well, not only did he succeed in following his dreams, but totally helped Ashley achieve hers! Scroll through our gallery to uncover everything we know about Instant Influencer Season 1 winner, Ashley Strong.

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