These stars are living like … well, celebrities! Some of Young Hollywood’s most notable names have purchased some upscale houses over the years and even invited their fans inside.

Kendall Jenner, for one, graced the cover of Architectural Digest in July 2020 and shared in-depth details about her Los Angeles home.

“I like a house that has character. When I walked into this place, I was immediately drawn to the peaceful Spanish-y, farmhouse-y vibe,” the model told the magazine at the time. “My life involves a lot of chaos and travel and high energy, so I wanted a home that feels serene, a place where I can simply zone out and relax.”

Although Kendall loves to host her friends, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum isn’t “a huge party person.”

She explained, “I like turning on music, lighting the fireplace and candles, and watching NBA games with my friends.”

One room Kendall told AD she’s a big fan of is her kitchen, noting that her home “has prompted me to spend more time in the kitchen.” She added: “I’m always in there trying to up my chef game. At this point, I’m a pretty good cook.”

Over the years, JoJo Siwa has used her YouTube channel to share the ins and outs of her home life with her massive amount of followers.

“Now that JoJo merch has been taken to the completely bigger level, and there’s like every product under the sun — and the moon and the stars and the galaxy and the whole Milky Way — we’re like, ‘OK, we need a better situation,'” the songstress explained to fans in a December 2019 house tour when showing off the now-famous merch room. “So, we created our JoJo merch store.”


Months later, the Dance Moms alum uploaded a second house tour video in June 2020 and explained to fans that the home has “changed a lot” since the first look.

“I gave you guys a tour of my new house when we first moved in,” JoJo shared, “But since then, we’ve pretty much redone every single room in the house.”

While walking through the home, JoJo pointed out each mannequin wearing one of her iconic red carpet looks. She also showed off her album covers, which are hung throughout the house. But once they got to the kitchen, the J Team star told viewers that it was “the most boring room in my house.”

She added, “Our kitchen is really so plain and simple. We have candy everywhere, and in the kitchen, we have fruit.”

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