Fans were in for a laugh when James Charles shared a hilarious behind-the-scenes secret about the finale of Instant Influencer. Yep, the YouTuber took to Twitter to discuss the final episode of his new reality show, and he revealed that he “farted at least 50 times” while filming the last scene! LOL.

It all started when one of the fellow judges, Norvina, called him out for being gassy.

“If anyone is wondering why I kept making this face, it’s because James Charles was farting every three minutes,” the social media star explained. “He was blowing me up. I was trying so hard not to laugh, and I wanted to kill him because there were 10 cameras locked on us the whole time.”

“HAHAHAHAHA I don’t remember what I ate but I farted at least 50 times during the finale,” James replied. “We were all cracking up.”

OMG. We seriously cannot contain our laughter! For those who missed it, the show came to an end on Friday, May 15, and Ashley Strong was crowned as the winner. Ashley, along with the other two finalists — Benny Cerra and Kailin Chase — each had to create their own look to impress the judges. Ultimately, Ashley blew them all away with her makeup, which was inspired by “stripping down fashion.”

“I want to commend you on this photo composition because I think it is super, super cool. This is definitely something I would want to recreate for my Instagram,” James gushed after she showed off her stunning skills.

“I think the look is absolutely beautiful and I think it could be very easily replicated, and I think that is the key here,” Norvina added.

“I love this whole idea and I love this whole concept. It’s really fashion-forward. It’s very editorial,” the third and final judge, Mario Dedivanovic, complimented.

After taking home the gold, Ashley let everyone know just how proud she was.

“This is total out-of-body experience. Like, I won. I am the first Instant Influencer,” she said. “I’m so proud of myself.”

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