ICYMI, a ton of drama went down after the first weekend of Coachella 2019 — particularly with beauty guru James Charles and rumored fling Gage Gomez. You see, when fans spotted the YouTuber getting cozy with the model, they assumed the two were dating. But soon after, the 19-year-old slammed those rumors and referred to Gage as a “disgusting con artist.” Unfortunately, the drama didn’t end there, but let’s be real: Does it ever?

Following James’ tweet, Gage took to YouTube to defend himself and expose James for slander. Of course, that didn’t sit well with the makeup artist, and he’s since returned to Twitter to seemingly address the situation and the uncomfortable position it’s put him in.

“One of the questions I get asked the most in interviews is ‘what’s the worst part about having a following?’ & I think I finally know the answer,” he wrote. “People that don’t know you making up assumptions about your character and not being able to defend yourself.”

Although that tweet was sort of general and not necessarily aimed at anyone in particular, he spoke on being hurt and used by people in a follow-up tweet, which could very well be in reference to the drama between him and Gage.

When a concerned fan asked what happened, James tweeted, “I just get used and hurt by other people & react like any normal human would, yet somehow I’m STILL the bad guy.”

We know what you’re thinking: This could totally not be about Gage at all. And sure, there’s always that possibility. However, recent signs lead us to believe it could very well be about him — especially considering the video in which he slammed the accusations James made on Twitter.

“This idea of me being a clout chaser was a conclusion of a group of people when I was not around, who don’t even know me,” Gage said in his response. “I have photographs. This other person has photographs. If I wanted to be a clout chaser, I would be releasing all of those things. But that’s just not what I want to do. And that wasn’t my intentions.”

As you can tell, the video was Gage’s best effort at clearing his name, but there’s no denying he made James out to be the “bad guy” in this situation, just as the Sisters Apparel founder‘s recent tweet suggests. What do you think? Are James’ tweets totally about Gage, or is the drama he’s referring to just par for the course when you’re a famous YouTube star?

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