Buckle up, sisters — things are getting messy. YouTube beauty sensation James Charles took to Twitter earlier this week to confess that he was “scammed” by model Gage Gomez, his Coachella fling who James said had been “playing” him “for months.”

It all started when a fan tweeted out a photo of the two getting cozy at Coachella, suggesting that they might be an item.

The 19-year-old star replied in a now-deleted tweet, “Nope unfortunately I am still very single. this boy played me for months on end and is a disgusting con artist. I’m thankful I had my friends with me to protect me.”

Now, Gage is telling his side of the story. James’ former fling took to YouTube for his first-ever video, where he spilled all the tea.

“What’s up, everyone? Just a little disclaimer. This is going to be a video on something that I feel should be said. Should it be left alone? I don’t know. Some people may handle this a little differently, but this is the way I’m gonna do it,” he said. “I just wanted to speak my side. There’s been some lies, false allegations and, more importantly, slanders. And it’s gotten to the point where my friends and family are involved, so that is why I’m making this video. If that didn’t have to happen, I would not be here right now.”

“There was a tweet made about me, and it was slanderous – and skewed from the truth. And the person who made this tweet obviously realized that. And maybe if they didn’t realize –that they understood that it was aggressive and maybe the wrong thing to do. And they deleted it – I’m not sure if everyone knows that it was deleted, but it was.”

He went on to explain that his intentions weren’t to gain any popularity. In fact, he said he has photos that he could’ve released if getting attention was his goal.

“This idea of me being a clout chaser was a conclusion of a group of people when I was not around, who don’t even know me,” he said. “I have photographs. This other person has photographs. If I wanted to be a clout chaser, I would be releasing all of those things. But that’s just not what I want to do. And that wasn’t my intentions.”

Phew, we wonder what went down between James and Gage. Clearly, things did not end well — and it seems as though Coachella was their breaking point. Yikes!

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