Did anyone else lose a ton of Instagram followers on Tuesday, February 12? The internet pretty much lost it after a ton of people started losing their followers on the social media app, including some of our favorite celebrities. James Charles was definitely not happy about it.

“Why did I just lose over half a million followers @Instagram wyd sis,” the makeup guru tweeted.

He then took to his Snapchat story to explain what was going down. It turns out, in an attempt to delete inactive users, the app unfortunately suffered from a major glitch.

“Instagram is currently having a glitch where they’re deleting inactive followers, which normally is great,” the 19-year-old explained. “Aside from the fact that one, we just lost 700,000 [followers], lovely, and two, I’m getting a lot of tweets from people that are saying they went to check my account and it unfollowed me from their account. They’re still an active user and they’re also trying to follow me back and it won’t let them.”

Uh-oh. This is not good.

The member of the Sister Squad urged his fans to go check and make sure that they’re still following him, and to let him know if they come across anymore problems.

Fans quickly took to Twitter to let the beauty guru know it was happening to them too. “Ok it wasn’t just me I mean [I lost] only 400 but I relate,” one fan wrote. “I went from 412k to 395k in 1 second,” another added.

“A friend [and] I were both kicked off your follower list but we refollowed,” another fan wrote to James. “No clue what’s going on.”

But don’t worry guys, Instagram explained that they’re aware of the glitch and are working to fix it as quickly as they can.

“We’re aware of an issue that is causing a change in account follower numbers for some people right now,” they wrote on Twitter. “We’re working to resolve this as quickly as possible.”

Phew. We’re praying this is fixed ASAP!

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