On January 29, we were aimlessly scrolling through our Instagram feeds when we found ourselves sister shook by the undeniable resemblance between Halsey and James Charles. The “Without Me” singer is gracing the cover of Glamour‘s February issue, and while she looks absolutely stunning, we have to admit that she looks almost identical to the 19-year-old YouTube star.

Not only was the 24-year-old’s makeup totally on-point for the photo shoot, but just about everything matched up to the beauty guru. Their eyes, their jawlines and their hair were just about identical, which made us wonder if we were the only ones who noticed that these two are basically clones — or better yet, SISTERS.

As it turns out, weren’t the only ones who were completely shooketh by the new photos of the “Bad At Love” crooner. In fact, almost everyone on Twitter thought it was James at first before doing a double take and realizing it was actually Halsey all along.

One fan tweeted, “Is it just me or does Halsey Look like James Charles?” Nope, not just you, Sis!

Another curious Twitter user brought up a very interesting point, asking, “Has anyone ever seen @halsey and @jamescharles in the same room?”

Clearly, people are just as confused as we are — especially since we’ve never noticed the similarities before. Others, however, are very annoyed because James has a history if making fun of the “Now or Never” singer’s voice in YouTube videos, on Snapchat and also on Twitter.

These days, though, it seems like the beauty guru’s had a change of heart, and he even wants to collaborate with Halsey on a video. Of course, diehard fans of the musician simply aren’t having it, and they took to Twitter to respond to his since-deleted tweet from January 25 letting him know they’re not here for it.

One person wrote, “Can you all believe that james Charles full on disrespected halsey with that snapchat video and then had the audacity to ask when he is doing her makeup?? Sorry sis I ain’t forget about that.”

Loads of other Halsey stans echoed that same sentiment, calling James out for bashing her and then trying to use her for clout. NGL, though, now that these Glamour photos are out and the singer looks nearly identical to the makeup artist, we wouldn’t mind watching a video of these two actually twinning. We mean, just look at the photos — they basically already are!

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