No, there is not an explicit video of James Charles going around, despite what the internet is saying. That’s right, the makeup mogul is in the midst of yet another scandal, just weeks after he lashed out at a 13-year-old on Twitter, but this time, it’s thankfully just a rumor.

The beauty guru came under fire last week after an alleged video started spreading that some fans thought featured the YouTuber. Not to worry though, guys, because it turns out, it’s actually not James at all in the leaked clip.

The 19-year-old took to Twitter on January 29 to clear up the rumors once and for all, writing, “Apparently my sex tape is going around!!??? This is exciting news to me considering I’m still very much a virgin lol.”

Phew, that’s a relief. But it didn’t end there, because unfortunately, the internet would just not let it go. When the video continued to circulate the web, James addressed it once again. “Bringing this back because apparently it’s going around again,” he wrote on Tuesday, February 5, retweeting his original message.

“If my sex tape ever DID leak you all would know because i’d be posting it everywhere fully monetized with 34 mid-roll ads,” he added.

Naturally, fans were quick to jump to the Sisters Apparel owner’s defense. “THIS IS WHY WE STAN,” one fan replied, while another wrote, “We love a sister scandal shutdown.”

One fan even posted a meme of James burning makeup from a recent video, but instead of burning the products, they wrote, “Unnecessary scandals and drama.”

Well, we’re glad that’s cleared up. As J-14 readers know, the member of the Sister Squad has definitely had his fair share of drama recently. On Saturday, January 26, he got into a major Twitter feud with YouTuber Reuben de Maid after he claimed the 13-year-old had asked to come to his U.K. meet and greet  – and even though James claimed his team said no, he showed up anyway.

“Imagine doing a review completely bashing my palette for attention, DMing me confused asking why I unfollowed you, asking if you could come to my meet & greet, my team says ‘NO,’ but still showing up anyway AND posting stories as if my 8,000 fans are there for YOU!” James wrote on Twitter.

James Charles Feud Reuben De Maid

But when some fans were not too happy with his comments, the beauty guru was quick to defend himself. “James… you’re bashing a little boy. This is not a good look on you sister…” one fan wrote.

James Charles Feud Reuben De Maid

“Nope. I was his age only a few years ago and being an influencer with a platform teachers you a lot very fast, respect being a main lesson,” James replied. “I was never given a pass for my age when I started and neither should anyone else.”

Reuben later denied James’ allegations, claiming he was actually invited to the event. “Just to clarify, I was invited to the James Charles event by Morphe directly,” he wrote. “I never asked James’ team nor had any correspondence from them. I’m a massive fan of James and his work and was hugely looking forward to being there and meeting him again.”

James Charles Feud Reuben De Maid

“I had no idea James had an issue with me and if James or his team had asked me not to come of course I wouldn’t have and if this was said to Morphe prior to the event it wasn’t passed on to me,” he continued. “I still respect James and his craft and I’m still a fan and hope everyone can move on.”

Hopefully this is the last “sister scandal” James has for a while!

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