The Sister Squad — made up of James Charles, Emma Chamberlain, Grayson Dolan and Ethan Dolan — is honestly friendship goals. The group is pretty much always together, and lucky for us, they constantly document their hilarious hangout sessions. But after fans started to notice that James and Grayson were super close in their vids, they started to speculate that the pair might be more than just friends.

Naturally, as the rumors spread, fans started to over analyze the boys every move and interaction. But finally, Grayson revealed that he was not dating the makeup artist when he and his bro hooked themselves up to a lie detector test for a recent video.

“Grayson and James are obviously not dating,” Ethan said. “It’s pretty apparent, I didn’t think I’d have to say anything,” Grayson added.

OK, so even though the boys have shut down rumors that they’re madly in love, it hasn’t stopped fans from totally shipping the BFFs! But one thing is for sure: They’re total friendship goals. That’s why we decided it’s time we appreciate all of their adorable interactions. Scroll through our gallery to see James and Grayson’s cutest moments ever!

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