If there’s one thing we’re definitely NOT leaving behind in 2018, it’s beauty guru drama, and thanks to James Charles and YouTuber Lauren Godwin, we’ve got some more of it.

Once the makeup artist caught wind of the fact that the 17-year-old YouTuber destroyed his palette in one of her videos, he shared the video on Twitter paired with a shady AF tweet that has since been deleted.

“There are people who can’t afford the palette, can’t get it because it’s sold out, or who have been scammed by knock offs,” James wrote. “And she’s gonna buy one just to destroy for likes… on tiktok? this ain’t it sis”

James wasn’t the only one giving her backlash, though. Once his diehard fans saw the video and noticed that the 19-year-old was insulted, they were quick to slam her for breaking the palette as well.

Given all the hate, Lauren then hopped back on YouTube to explain to her subscribers what her intentions were. According to her, she broke the palette because she was inspired by videos she had seen on TikTok of people destroying random things and she knew the James Charles palette would get a big reaction.

Dec. 29, the day after she posted that video, the popular beauty vlogger was singing a different tune and apologized to Lauren after realizing that she paid for the palette just like everyone else, which meant she had the right to do whatever she wanted with it — including destroying it.

He wrote, “i’d like to say sorry to @laurengodwinnn for tweeting her palette video yesterday. i was hurt watching something i worked hard on be destroyed, but she bought it & can do as she pleases & i should have ignored it. it wasn’t that deep & the hate that she is receiving is never okay.”

TBH, no one likes to get hate on the Internet, so we’re glad to see James apologized in an effort to neutralize the Twitter trolls. In addition to that, though, he also appeared in a video on Jeffree Star‘s channel on Jan. 2, where the two — wait for it — destroyed all of the makeup they hated in 2018!

But wait, there’s more. Once Lauren saw the video of the two beauty gurus completely obliterating all of the terrible makeup from last year, she decided to upload a response video. Luckily, it seems like the dust has settled and the drama is over. Phew!

The YouTuber captioned the video saying, “JEFFREE STAR AND JAMES CHARLES UPLOADED A VIDEO OF THEM… DESTROYING MAKEUP?!? so i knew right away i wanted to react! PSA: please don’t hate on james and I for this whole situation! their whole video was to let go of this sister scandal, lighten up the situation and have fun!”

Well, we’re glad to see it’s all water under the bridge now!

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