On Friday, YouTuber James Charles announced that he’s releasing his first ever eyeshadow palette in collaboration with makeup brand, Morphe. To share the exciting announcement he uploaded a video where he showed off all the amazing colors by doing swatches of the 39 different shades.

But fans noticed something was off with the swatches and started to accuse him of faking them to look brighter during the video. They took to Twitter to share their frustration, attacking the makeup star. “THE SWATCHES WERE FAKE, WHY WAS THE SWATCH THERE BEFORE U SWATCHED THE SHADOW? MONEY HUNGRY N FAKE,” one fan tweeted. Another added: “Lowkey I was really liking James Charles new [palette]. That black shade was super pigmented… until I noticed that the swatch he does of the shade was on top of another swatch?”

“Is this shadow pre-swatched??” another fan questioned. However, James was quick to address the rumors and clear the air. Responding to the fan, he wrote, “Yes, a few shades I layered twice because the first swatch wasn’t good or because I had to re say my sentence and wasn’t going to continue washing my arm, or that would REALLY mess them up. Not hiding anything.”

Replying to another fan he added that, “there were a few shades to swatch twice, some to layer, some because i don’t do reviews so I’m not great at swatching on camera, and some because I [misspoke] during a swatch and had to do a second take. there’s no conspiracy haha.”

James also took to his Instagram Stories to do live swatches of the new palette and show their true color.

Fellow YouTube star, Jaclyn Hill, also took to Twitter to back James up. “When is everyone going to realize that although swatches are visually stimulating, they don’t really tell you anything about the performance of the product,” she wrote. “You do your makeup with brushes AND a primer… & apply multiple layers while blending them into other colors! Just saying.”

Well, we are relieved to know that the 19-year-old’s cleared the air with his upcoming eyeshadow and we can’t wait to try it ourselves!

The James Charles 39 Shade Artistry Palette launches on Nov. 13, 2018.

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