Makeup guru Jaclyn Hill is taking a break from YouTube to take care of her sick husband. Jon Hill had a seizure while they resting in bed and was taken to the hospital.

"I just wanted to say thank you here on IG for all the amazing comments of love & support from you guys! Jon and I feel so blessed for all the prayers and positivity you're sending our way.❤️," she wrote.

"I may be absent from YouTube for a bit while we complete some tests and wait for results. I hope to be back very soon! In the meantime, I shot a couple blog posts last week (that's where this photo is from) so I will be posting those for you this weekend. Thank you so much for your love & understanding!"

It looks like it's nothing serious but they just want to make sure everything is alright.

He wrote: "As some of you know by Jac's snapchat, I had a seizure yesterday morning while we were talking in bed. It really traumatized her and I have a faint memory of it happening. After a day in the hospital we ruled out anything too serious & I'm getting more testing done this week. Thank you all for your well wishes & prayers. You guys are seriously so kind."

We are glad she is taking some time away to take care of her family and hope that everything is alright with his health.

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