Are Grayson Dolan and James Charles dating? Some fans seem to think so, but the Dolan Twins just cleared up those rumors in their latest YouTube video. The boys hooked themselves up to lie detector tests, answering fan questions from Twitter. One of the questions was submitted by their bestie James, and he asked Grayson, “Will you marry me?” When Grayson replied with a no, the machine detected that the response was a lie.

Ethan Dolan clarified, “We don’t need to make that rumor get any bigger. Should we just say? Grayson and James are obviously not dating.”

“It’s pretty apparent, I didn’t think I’d have to say anything,” Grayson added.

Seeing as the Grayson and Ethan are always making videos with James, fans have gathered a ton of evidence to back up their claims.

Fans have also freaked out over some particular tweets.

Also during the Dolans’ lie detector video, one of the questions asked if people making assumptions about Grayson’s sexuality bothers him at all. “I don’t really care. I like, know who I am,” he replied, as the lie detector confirmed his reponse was true.

As for his brother, everyone is convinced Ethan is dating Emma Chamberlain. Emma started out as a fan, as she’s a YouTuber herself, and then she ended up becoming super close with the brothers. She and the twins make videos with James legit all the time, dubbing themselves the “Sister Squad.”

“I was a huge Dolan stan, you know? It’s not that I grew out of it. I just realized that they’re too hot for me. And then at that point, they became unattainable,” Emma joked in a video with Tana Mongeau before she became total besties with the twins.

All we know is the Dolans totally have a right to keep their relationships to themselves, but hey, fans have their theories!

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Love J-14? Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for fun, exclusive videos with your favorite stars.