When you’re as famous as Ethan and Grayson Dolan, chances are there are going to be a decent amount of rumors flying around about you. One of the biggest questions people seem to search regarding the web star twins is whether or not they have purity rings. We think it is safe to say it’s a no, and here’s why. While there was a picture floating around of Grayson allegedly wearing a religious-looking ring, he’s joked about having (or not having) a purity ring in multiple YouTube videos – and based on the laughter, it seems as though he’s suggesting he doesn’t have one.

Exhibit A: In the boys’ quite riveting Lie Detector Q&A video, the two asked each other questions, which were submitted by fans on Twitter – while hooked up to lie detectors, of course. Ethan asked Grayson (via a fan tweet) if he was a virgin, and Grayson said yes. The man controlling the test then chimed in informing the boys that “it hit the top of the screen.” They burst out laughing and quickly moved on.

Ethan Dolan laughing

But that’s not all. In a YouTube video the boys made in 2017, Ethan and Grayson scoured Google for questions that pop up when searching their names – you know, to answer them once and for all. One of the questions that popped up was “Does Grayson Dolan have a kid?” Grayson confirmed that no, he obviously doesn’t have a kid, but not before questioning why tons of fans keep calling him “daddy” – to which Ethan responded, “That’s not what they mean!” Then came the big question: “Does Grayson Dolan have a purity ring?” While he didn’t say anything, Ethan seemed to find the question quite entertaining.

grayson dolan purity ring

The face kind of says it all. The question seems to come up a lot, which is why Grayson seemed to get a kick out of the idea when he mentioned it again in their “Hot Tub Confessoins 2!” video they made a few months later.

“I don’t have any more confessions. I’m a good kid – good citizen, purity ring wearing teenager,” Grayson said in the video.

Not to mention, Jack Dail, a former friend of the twins, took to social media to “expose” the Dolan Twins and explain the falling out of their friendship. In the midst of his rant, he addressed the whole purity ring topic.

“You do know Ethan had a girlfriend for many months, right?” he said in a now-deleted Instagram Live that can be found on YouTube.

With the question of the purity rings comes the question of their religion, as many tend to associate purity rings with religious beliefs. In their “Googling Ourselves” video, “Is Grayson Dolan a Christian?” came up as well. His response, “Uh, I mean I believe in Santa.” Okay, so not really a straight answer. However, it is widely reported that they’re Christians.

Hey, either way – Ethan and Grayson totally have the right to keep this kind of thing private. So whether they eventually flat out answer the question or not, let’s just let them live.

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