The Dolan Twins are kicking off a new video series! In “Out of Our Comfort Zones,” Ethan and Grayson will be learning different skills from professionals. This time around, their challenge is to learn and master a choreographed dance in only 48 hours. But there’s a lot at stake. Why? Well, the boys have to perform the dance routine in front of professional judges. Dance Moms stars Maddie and Kenzie Ziegler helped train the boys, and the progress they made over just two days is seriously impressive.

Grayson explained in the intro of their YouTube video, “Today we are learning how to dance, and we’re doing that because we are going to be trying out for a dance team – and being judged by professional dancing judges.”

Ethan chimed in, “We’re going to need to learn how to dance. Thankfully, we have the help of two professional dancers.”

The video will be a two-parter, so all we’ve seen are their rehearsals so far. But boy, is it entertaining. Scroll through the gallery of gifs below to unfold the dancing journey the Dolans have been through with the Ziegler sisters.

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