There’s a new player strumming his way into Mackenzie Ziegler‘s heart: Cole Sage! Following her breakup with Tacoda Dubbs in 2023, it appears Kenzie has since moved on with another musician. Keep reading for everything we know about Cole.

When Did Mackenzie Ziegler and Tacoda Dubbs Break Up?

Mackenzie and Tacoda appeared to have broken up in late 2023, after the official TikTok Room page shared a screenshot of messages from an insider in November, claiming that the two had split. Quickly after that, the two both removed photos of each other on social media.

In June 2024, Mackenzie seemingly revealed why they had split and explained that her new song “Word Vomit” is about her feelings towards her ex.

“Word vomit is about my most recent breakup — I dated someone for three years and we were in really, really deep,” she began in a TikTok posted to her account.

The former reality star revealed that while they were together, she had a “weird gut feeling” and asked to see his text messages. After claiming to have found evidence that he wasn’t loyal to her, the two broke it off.

“‘Word vomit’ — its just me saying everything how I feel about him and letting it all out,” she added.

When Did Mackenzie Ziegler and Cole Sage Start Dating?

The Dance Moms alum and guitarist first sparked dating in early 2024, and have since started sharing several photos and videos of one another on social media, hard-launching and all.

From their sweet Instagram snapshots to Cole’s heartfelt birthday tributes to Kenzie, it’s clear that these two are head over heels for each other.

Who Is Cole Sage?

While he might not be a household name yet, this guitar-slinging musician is making waves, both on and off the stage, especially since he’s swept Dance Moms‘ sweetheart off her feet.

There’s not much known about Cole, but he is active on both Instagram and TikTok, often posting snippets of his life and screenshots of him playing the guitar. He can be found jamming with his buddies at local gigs across California.

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