Abby Lee Miller might be behind bars but that doesn’t mean her former dance student, Mackenzie Ziegler, isn’t in the middle of her own battle with the law. It’s being reported by TMZ that Mackenzie’s record label, Kismet Music, sued Mackenzie several months ago claiming that she broke her contract by working with another music producer. Now, Mackenzie is firing back and taking Abby down with her in the whole process. Mackenzie totally threw Abby under the bus claiming that the matriarch of Dance Moms actually hyped up the record label and encouraged her to sign with them.

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There was only one problem: this label allegedly underpaid Mackenzie what she was due for her music. Mackenzie is now suing Kismet Music and the head of the company, Andrew Logan. She claims that the company has none of the privileges that Abby had promised. TMZ is reporting that Mackenzie wants the rest of the money she’s owed by Kismet Music as well as completely severing ties with the label.

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There’s no word from her sister Maddie Ziegler on all of this. There’s also no sign of what Abby Lee thinks of all this, and why should there be? She’s a bit busy you know, in jail at the moment. She still does have representatives, however, and they have yet to comment on the drama.

Hopefully, this can be resolved sooner rather than later. We can’t help but wonder if Abby knew this record label wasn’t as prestigious as she was making them out to be or she really believed Mackenzie she should with the deal. Regardless, Mackenzie wants money from Kismet and we don’t see her stopping until she gets it.

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