Ethan and Grayson Dolan are never ones to shy away from being total daredevils, but they totally got the life scared out of them on MTV’s Fear Factor — and that’s saying a lot, coming from the always-extreme Dolan Twins.

In our exclusive clip of this week’s episode of Fear Factor, Ethan and Grayson participate in a super high-stress competition involving some pretty pissed off snakes that straight up can bite their faces off if they’re not careful enough. The boys must use their mouths to pass a stick to each other, all while hovering their faces over a tank of angry snakes. Watch our exclusive clip above to get a sneak peek of the episode.

“Putting my face in a snake’s face was a little scarier than I thought it was gonna be,” Ethan admitted. “I thought it was terrifying.”

The YouTube famous bros are known for putting themselves up to the absolute craziest challenges. From Ethan getting his tongue pierced to the boys hooking themselves up to machines that mimic the pain of childbirth (on top of a mountain for dramatic effect, might we add) – the twins really have no limit when it comes to putting their bravery to the test. But despite how intense their challenges have been in the past, this show gives the word ~challenge~ a whole new meaning. Why? Well, because it’s pretty much life or death (because getting bitten in the face by a snake is basically death, if you ask us).

But wait – the Dolans aren’t the only cuties who will appear in this upcoming episode. Super bae Jake Miller is also a contestant, so naturally, he shared a little sneak peek.

“No ones ever gonna wanna kiss me again after watching this… Celebrity #FearFactor,” he shared on Instagram.

Well, we’re praying for you guys! It would be quite a shame to see those flawless Dolan faces get snapped by snakes – and we don’t want Jake getting sick from drinking cow eyeball juice either.

Tune in on Tuesday nights at 10pm ET!

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